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Welcome to the Squad

What's the Squadcast?

The dreaded "pile of shame".

You have one...we all do.

It's that stack of games that's sitting on your shelf and collecting dust that you've promised yourself that you'll eventually get to...but never do. Also, there are those overlooked (and under-purchased) games that continue to decay in bargain bins which may never get the attention they deserve. It's the sad reality for gaming enthusiasts around the globe.

Luckily, those days are over...

The Squadron of Shame's central purpose is to tackle these unappreciated gems as a squad. We vote on one to become our "Main Mission", play it together, write about it together, and podcast about it together. The aftermath that follows is more exposure for the underdogs, the reduction of your "pile" size, and the alleviation of the nagging little voice in your head that says "play me!" least until the next contender comes along.

SquadCast (Main Missions) MP3 direct download

  1. The Shivah
  2. Another World
  3. Grim Fandango
  4. Silent Hill 2
  5. Beyond Good and Evil
  6. Star Control 2
  7. Okami
  8. Yakuza
  9. Republic Commando
  10. Fallout
  11. Sam and Max Season 1
  12. Eternal Darkness
  13. Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
  14. Barkley Shut Up And Jam Gaiden
  15. The Dig
  16. Homeworld
  17. Pathologic
  18. Deus Ex

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What's a "Side Mission" podcast?

Sometimes, there are games that just don't stand a very good chance of becoming a valid "Main Mission". It could be because the game's too long, it's not compatible with modern day operating systems, it's no longer easy to get ahold of, or it's just so niche that only a small group of people would ever play it.

Well...that's when a "Side Mission" becomes necessary.

The Squadron of Shame's "Side Mission" category is how we give the even smaller gems their own chance to proove that they're "Squadworthy". When a game falls into one of the above mentioned categories but a few members really want to run it through its paces, we encourage them to strike out on their own as a "splinter cell", start up a thread that details their playthrough, and even record a podcast of their own if they're up for it.

SquadCast (Side Missions) MP3 direct download

  1. Persona 3
  2. Lost Winds
  3. Uncharted

What are "Themed" podcasts?

The "Themed" SquadCasts are topic-focused shows that take place in between and during missions. No topic is too heady for this group so any chance we get, we pick one to flesh out as only the Squad can. Also, they're a great "jumping on" point for newbies or those that don't participate in the missions.

SquadCast (Themed Episodes) MP3 direct download

  1. 2008 Retro-Spectacular
  2. No Shame
  3. Game Music I
  4. 8Bit Computer Retro-Spectacular
  5. 2009 Retro-Spectacular

The Exploding Barrel Podcast

SoS Presents: Exploding Barrel Podcast

The Exploding Barrel Podcast is the Squadron of Shame's weekly news and "free form" discussion show. Every Friday, Ajguy and Tolkoto take you through the week's most relevent gaming news, chat about what they've been playing, and play the "Great American Ajguy Gaming Quiz" in an effort to make Ajguy's brain implode. Also, a random Squad member fills in for the rotating "3rd chair".

Exploding Barrel Podcast MP3 direct download

Contact the squad

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SoS Presents: the Exploding Barrel Podcast
SoS Presents: the Exploding Barrel Podcast
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